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– an article by Riza Poker rooms in casinos and online poker rooms are a great place to play. But there are other types of poker played in casinos. In online casinos, such as playtech com casinos, there are a few other versions to consider. In traditional table poker, the player is taking on other […]

– an article by Stacy Maxgate The fish is a poker term for the player who is going to be easiest to take money from. It is said that if you can not spot the fish at your table then you are the fish. To avoid being instantly marked as the fish make sure not […]

– an article by Akhila Choudhary Poker is one of the most popular casino games around the world. The availability of different versions of the game is evidence of its popularity in different parts of the world. According to a recent research, online search engines receive more than one million poker related searches over the […]

– an article by Will Win If you haven’t heard of Red Dog, perhaps you’ve heard of one of the other names this game is called by-acey-duecey or in-between. If you’ve been to Vegas and haven’t seen this game on the floor, don’t be alarmed. Red Dog is a blast from the past. The game […]

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