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Do they have the game red dog at any casino’s in las vegas?

and if so which casino. It is also called red dog poker or yablon (variation of acey-deucey or in-between)
I would like to know if they have this game with a dealer (i’m not looking to play on a machine or online) I can’t seem to get a yes or no answer anywhere! Please help. Thanks so much.

Question posted by: stephv0

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4 Responses to “Red dog at any casino’s in las vegas”

  1. Vegas Matt Says:

    I live in Las Vegas and have been to about 90% of the casinos in town and have never seen such a game.

  2. Mikaela Says:

    big no!but you can find it at online casino this red dog game you can have ther 2009$ free bonus no deposit for 1 hour free play i think.

  3. TheMadProfessor Says:

    I won’t say for certain there are none, but I doubt it. Since the casino has to pay their dealers and only make money from hand rakes, it’s unlikely they will have live tables for any but the most popular games (stud, hold ’em and Omaha probably account for 99%+)

  4. Kizi Says:

    Help to comment or postings caused extra attention.

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